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Agile maturity insights
Receive a bespoke analysis of your team's Agile practices, pinpointing exactly where you stand and how you can evolve on the Agile maturity scale.
Actionable steps for growth
Benefit from clear, actionable guidance tailored to your team's unique challenges and opportunities, paving the way for tangible improvements.
Team dynamics assessment
Explore every facet of your team's dynamics, from communication to collaboration, ensuring no stone is left unturned in pursuit of excellence.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Team tension
Persistent disagreements and conflicts are undermining team cohesion and productivity
Role confusion
The ambiguity in roles and responsibilities is leading to subpar product quality and project delays
Despite significant effort, the team's output falls short of expectations, indicating inefficiency
High churn
Elevated turnover rates and low morale signal deep-seated issues affecting team stability
Agile stagnation
The anticipated benefits of Agile adoption have failed to materialize, leaving performance flat
Meeting overload
Excessive meetings consume valuable work time, significantly reducing productivity
Customer exodus
Negative feedback and dwindling customer loyalty as they turn to competitors for better solutions
Innovation drought
A notable struggle to innovate, resulting in uninspired solutions that fail to excite
Change resistance
The team's inability to swiftly adapt to market or organizational changes hampers growth and agility
Meet Team Barometer
The Team Barometer is your comprehensive solution to the myriad challenges teams face in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving work environment.

Designed to diagnose and address the core issues undermining team effectiveness, this tool provides a detailed analysis of team dynamics, processes, and Agile maturity - all for FREE! By pinpointing specific areas of tension, role confusion, and inefficiency, the Team Barometer offers tailored recommendations that pave the way for real and sustainable improvements.

Whether it’s reducing unnecessary meetings, clarifying roles, enhancing customer satisfaction, or fostering innovation, the Team Barometer equips you with actionable insights.

It transforms the way your team operates, fostering a culture of clarity, productivity, and satisfaction. With the Team Barometer, you’re not just identifying problems—you’re stepping into a world of solutions that elevate your team to new heights of performance and harmony.
An example of a scorecard you will get after completing the assessment
Get a detailed analysis of your team's health based on 6 (+1) categories
Agile Basics
Unlock the core of Agile, paving the way for a transformative team journey
Team and communication
Enhance team synergy and elevate communication to unprecedented clarity and effectiveness
Customer and product
Align your efforts precisely with customer needs, driving product excellence and loyalty
Backlog and planning
Streamline your planning process, ensuring your backlog drives focus and results, not confusion
Work items
Optimize every task and activity for efficiency and impact, turning effort into measurable success
Daily processes
Revolutionize your daily operations, making every process a stepping stone to Agile excellence
Engineering practices (optional)
Implement best-in-class engineering practices that deliver quality and innovation
Transform your team with Team Barometer
When you utilize the Team Barometer, you're not just getting insights; you're embarking on a journey of tangible transformation
  • Immediate insight
    Upon completion, receive a detailed scorecard directly in your inbox, completely free of charge. This scorecard breaks down your team's strengths and areas for improvement across seven crucial dimensions, offering you a clear starting point for development.
  • Workshop wonders
    Alongside your scorecard, we provide you with detailed instructions and templates for conducting a free workshop with your team. These resources are designed to help you discuss the findings and implement the recommended changes, making the insights actionable and the improvements real.
  • Exclusive access and discounts
    Unlock the door to our suite of tools with free access to enlightening webinars that delve deeper into Agile and team dynamics. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts on our comprehensive courses and personal coaching sessions, tailored to take your team to the next level.
  • Value-driven communication
    We share your disdain for spam. Rest assured, any communication from us is designed with your utmost benefit in mind, offering exceptional value and actionable insights to guide your team's journey.
Yes, while designed with Agile teams in mind, the Team Barometer offers valuable insights and advice applicable to any team seeking to improve collaboration and efficiency.
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