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Jira Essentials | A complete Jira guide for beginners
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Agile Planning and OKRs
Unlock the strategies to drive organizational agility and achieve ambitious goals.
Agile Customer Research and Data-Driven Decision Making
Transform into a Research Pro quickly and effortlessly!
Agile Transformation A to Z
Build your expertise from scratch and join the growing industry with 6 figure salaries.
Hi, I'm Masha Ostroumova
As a seasoned Agile expert with a deep-rooted passion for fostering healthy, motivated teams, my mission is to empower organizations and leaders to embrace Agile ways of working. With a rich background that spans from Agile practitioner to Enterprise Agile Coach, my journey includes transforming numerous teams into customer-focused and outcome-oriented units.

At the helm of Agile Apothecary, and with prior experience at Rakuten, Indeed and McKinsey, I specialize in guiding large-scale Agile transformations. My dedication extends beyond practice; as a best-selling Udemy instructor, I've connected with over 90,000 students around the world, achieving a stellar average rating. More than numbers, my drive stems from making a tangible difference in people's professional lives.
Makhense Chuma
It is a good match, I have just joined an organization that uses the agile approach and this will help me understand how Agile works.
Manny Ortiz
Very detailed. The facilitator keeps a good flow in providing information.
Madhulika Das
Great way of explaining things to a beginner. Loved it. Will do more courses!
Pamela Sue
Practical and Applicable! I learned not just a theory but also how to implement these strategies in real business scenarios.
Ahmet Hilal
The course was so helpful to me, I learned many new things in it, and it gave me the confidence to involve more in our company's projects.
At Agile Apothecary, we specialize in crafting tailor-made Agile solutions, uniquely suited to your organization's industry, strengths, and challenges. Our approach blends Agile best practices with our diverse experience across various industries and global regions, ensuring that the processes and tools we implement are not only effective but also resonate with your specific goals.

We're committed to your long-term success and the agility of your business. Our aim is not just to initiate change but to empower your team to drive and sustain this transformation. This includes teaching adaptability and instilling a truly Agile mindset across all levels of your organization.

A critical component of our approach is a strong focus on organizational and team health. We believe in the importance of continuous monitoring and improvement, ensuring every team member feels included, motivated, and productive. Our goal is to foster an environment where Agile practices thrive and contribute to the overall well-being and efficiency of your organization.
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