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We are a boutique consulting and Agile coaching agency dedicated to increasing the number of happy productive teams in this world.

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Our philiosophy
Like an apothecary mixes medicine for each patient, we develop customized remedies to treat the problems each particular team and organization is experiencing.

We’re really passionate about Agile best practices, but at the same time we believe that there is no one size fits all, and just like not every headache can be cured with Aspirin, not every team’s problem can be solved with standard Agile tools.

If you’re tired of Agile “purists” offering you textbook solutions and ignoring the complexity of your business, relax - we got you covered!

We offer online and in person training programs, workshops and executive coaching. We also are here to support your organization’s Agile transformation - whether it’s launching a pilot team or fully revamping the whole organization. On top of it we offer to everyone an absolutely free Team Barometer Tool to help you assess and improve your team’s health. Every team deserves a chance to unleash their potential!

Hi! I'm Masha Ostroumova
Agile Apothecary founder & enterprise Agile coach
With nearly a decade of experience in the Agile space, I've worn multiple hats - from an Agile practitioner to a Product Owner, and finally an enterprise Agile coach. Over these years, I've had the pleasure of guiding dozens of teams towards a more customer-focused, efficient, and outcome-oriented approach.

Before starting my own company, Agile Apothecary, I worked at McKinsey & Company Japan. There, as an Enterprise Agile Coach, I drove large-scale Agile transformations across a variety of industries and locations.

But I don't just practice Agile; I live and breathe it, and I love sharing this passion with others. As a best-selling instructor, I've connected with over 90,000 students.

Beyond numbers, though, what truly fills me with joy is knowing I'm making a real difference in people's lives and careers.
Our offerings

Team trainings

We offer workshops and trainings designed to help your team unleash their potential. Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey and don’t know how to help your team get better, or you just need a quick refresher on how to do something (for example, develop a Definition of Done), we got you covered.

Trainings are designed to meet your team's needs and are adjusted to your industry and context.

Role-based trainings and individual coaching

Do you need to train Product Owners? Or would you like a member of your organization to become an Agile coach and you think they need training? Or do you want your leadership team members to change their mindsets? You came to the right place, we provide role-based trainings adjusted to your company’s context. Contact us for a quote!

Agile transformation

If your organization is considering going fully Agile, we are here to help. We can set up pilot teams, help you establish a Transformation office, train the people and advise on the most efficient ways to undergo organizational changes. Did you know that in order to achieve organizational Agility you would need to rethink the org structure, revamp performance evaluation system and change your approach to planning? We have your back, contact us for more information.

Online trainings

We offer on demand online trainings. Right now our offerings include Agile Basics training, Jira Basics and Jira Administration. You get life-long access to the videos, a completion certificate and various additional reference materials. All trainings have English subtitles and we are working hard on adding Japanese subtitles as well. Contact us for information on corporate discounts.
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