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"Building high-performing Agile teams: 10 keys to success"

What you will learn
  • Boosting team performance
    Learn effective strategies to overcome common hurdles in team productivity and collaboration, leading to more efficient and successful Agile teams
  • Aligning goals with Agile principles
    Find out how to seamlessly integrate individual and team goals with Agile ways of working, enhancing overall project alignment and success
  • Building strong, unified team
    Discover key techniques for assembling and managing cross-functional teams, ensuring better communication, innovation, and product delivery
  • Revolutionizing performance metrics
    Master the art of redefining performance evaluations in an Agile context to better reflect team dynamics and individual contributions
  • Fostering a learning mindset
    Uncover methods to create a team culture that values continuous learning, adaptability, and embraces failures as growth opportunities
  • Effective Agile leadership
    Learn how to transition into an Agile leadership style that focuses on empowerment, autonomy, and servant leadership, resolving common leadership challenges
Who should attend
  • Agile practitioners
    looking to deepen their knowledge
  • Project managers
    seeking more efficient methodologies
  • Teams
    undergoing Agile transformation
  • Business leaders
    aiming to implement Agile practices in their operations
Meet your instructor
Masha Ostroumova
Agile Apothecary founder & enterprise Agile coach
With nearly a decade of experience in the Agile space, I've worn multiple hats - from an Agile practitioner to a Product Owner, and finally an enterprise Agile coach. Over these years, I've had the pleasure of guiding dozens of teams towards a more customer-focused, efficient, and outcome-oriented approach.

Before starting my own company, Agile Apothecary, I worked at McKinsey & Company Japan. There, as an Enterprise Agile Coach, I drove large-scale Agile transformations across a variety of industries and locations.

But I don't just practice Agile; I live and breathe it, and I love sharing this passion with others. As a best-selling instructor, I've connected with over 90,000 students.

Beyond numbers, though, what truly fills me with joy is knowing I'm making a real difference in people's lives and careers.
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