Agile Leader self-assessment

Let's evaluate your current level of agility and understanding of different aspects of Agile Leadership.
Please be honest as the goal is not to get a perfect score, but rather to identify the your strengths and growth opportunities
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Do you request frequent updates and reports from your team(s)?
How much do you value hierarchy and structure in your team’s operations?
How do you approach cross-functional collaboration in your team?
How do you see your role in contributing to Agile processes?
How well do you understand your role in adding value to Agile processes?
How do you perceive your role as a leader in terms of serving your team?
In what ways do you add value through cross-team collaboration?
Do you consider yourself essential for your team to get work done, or do you empower them to operate independently?
How do you contribute to building psychological safety within your team?
How do you maximize business outcomes by thinking beyond your role and organization?
How would you describe your subjective understanding of what is needed to operate Agile at scale?
How well do you understand the organizational structure needed for Agile?
How adept are you at goal setting for Agile teams and organizations?
What is your proficiency in financial planning and performance management in an Agile context?
How well do you understand and implement cultural shifts required for organizational Agile transformation?
Do you understand the difference between outputs and outcomes in an organizational context?
How skilled are you at setting outcome-based goals?
Can you effectively assess team members contributions towards organizational goals?
How well do you understand Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for team goal setting?
Are you able to coordinate goal setting and OKR creation at an organizational level?
How confident are you in your ability to coach team members effectively?
How do you approach giving and receiving feedback?
What is your approach to empowering and supporting personal growth in your team?
How proficient are you in conducting effective one-on-one meetings?
How do you manage team health, including addressing drama and toxicity?
Results will be delivered to your email